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About Us Enliven Organic boutique skincare products

Welcome to Eco Store WA, my name is Juanita and I am the sole creator & owner of Enliven Organic and free love co wa.

The Enliven Organic Story

I personally have a passion for natural health and healing.  I have studied Naturopathy and been working with pure essential oils and natural ingredients to create numerous different natural products for 20 years.  This has led me to fine tune my creative skills and knowledge to formulate & create a boutique range of pure eco-friendly home, body, baby & skin care uniquely blended with cleansing, revitalising & nourishing botanicals that are great for your health.
I would love this opportunity to personally share Enliven Organic with you so you too can embrace and enjoy the best that Mother Nature has to offer.  My range is lovingly hand made and bottled locally in Dunsborough, located in the pristine South West of Western Australia. 
As a mother with young children I am very aware of having a chemical & toxin free home for my little ones.  Enliven Organic is free of harmful chemicals and is beneficial for your health & wellbeing. It provides you with the uplifting and calming therapeutic benefits of 100% pure essential oils.
Our lives today can be hectic and complicated and I have created my range based on keeping things as simple as possible & pride myself on using only the highest quality, natural & pure ingredients.  Enliven Organic compliments a healthy lifestyle & safely and simply nurtures, cleanses, revitalizes & sanitises yourself, your precious family & your entire home or work space. 
Enliven Organic has been tried and tested and I personally guarantee every product and if you are not 100% happy and satisfied I offer a full money back guarantee.   
Enliven Organic packaging is recyclable, vegan friendly and BPA Free
My product range compliments each other perfectly and is all you need to happily, healthily, safely & simply nurture, clean & sanitise your entire family whilst you embrace the healing and nourishing wellbeing enhancing benefits of pure botanicals...naturally.  

The free love co wa Story

free love co wa is an ethical & eco-conscious small business established in Dunsborough, located in the pristine Margaret River region in Western Australia. 
Realising how much unnecessary waste there is today in our often highly consumable world I decided to make a change and offer eco & earth friendly homewares so we can all make a difference to cut down on our carbon footprint. Whilst also using materials that are safe & non-toxic for you & your family.
I pride myself on offering a high quality range of biodegradable home wares, specialising in products created from sustainable bamboo & other natural fibres so when you purchase from free love co wa you know you are supporting your own great health & wellbeing along with our precious mother earth…naturally.

Benefits of our Eco friendly postage packaging

Our products are all wrapped in ‘geami green wrap’ when
posted to you. This is an eco friendly biodegradable paper
protective packaging material made from SFI/Recycled
material.  A fantastic alternative to plastic bubble wrap and
foam peanuts.  Not only is greenwrap eco friendly and reduces
plastic packaging wrap going to landfill, it looks GREAT too.
It is made from 100% biodegradable & compostable

It is 100% recyclable.
It is posted in a 100% recycled and recyclable envelope.
Your order will be posted already gift wrapped and I will
happily post it directly to your special someone, making it a
lovely gift from mother earth and you.

Eco Store WA is Vegan friendly



Why choose free love co wa

  • I am a small business based in Dunsborough, located in the pristine South West of Western Australia.
  • I pride myself on offering the highest quality home wares manufactured from natural, sustainable & biodegradable fibres wherever possible.
  • I am eco-conscious and use recycled & recyclable packaging including for posting my goods to you.
  • I source locally for my business wherever possible I only choose reputable overseas manufacturers. They guarantee the fair & kind treatment of all their workers.
  • My aim is to offer eco friendly safe & non-toxic alternatives to the countless conventional plastic home wares we use in our homes everyday.

         Speaking of bamboo…

  • Bamboo grows naturally, abundantly & organically in South East Asia.
  • It is very fast growing & can grow up to 90cm in a day. 
  • When harvested it is cut then regrows from the same stem
  • There are between 1200 – 1500 different species of bamboo
  • Bamboo wares are never made from any of the 3 species of bamboo that panda’s eat. Pandas eat black, water & arrow bamboo
  • It is very sustainable
  • It is100% biodegradable & compostable. If your cup does get broken you can put it in your compost or the bin & it will breakdown back into the earth. It is naturally antibacterial

How does free love co wa make our bamboo cup

  • The cup is made from 70% bamboo fibre, 20% non GMO corn starch & 10% resin
  • The bamboo is ground into a powder, mixed with corn starch powder & resin. The resin is necessary to glue the cup together. 
  • The resin makes these coffee cups super durable. That means if you drop it, it should survive.  Of course it isn’t indestructible however if you treat it well, it will last for years.  You can not make a bamboo cup without this resin.
  • Test reports carried out on our cup have shown the resin (melamine) in the cup when heated over 70 degrees with an acidic solution is well & truly under the food safe limit. 15mg per kg is the max limit allowed for a product to be considered food safe. Our testing showed to be 6.5mg per kg. 
  • Our free love co wa bamboo cup is manufactured in China for obvious reasons. Firstly the bamboo grows abundantly, organically & naturally in that location so it is easy to source.  The silicon is also produced in China.  So it does make sense to produce the cup in China.  If we were to import the ingredients and manufacture the bamboo cup in Australia it would be absolutely uneconomical.  I’m sure as a consumer you wouldn’t be prepared to pay an astronomical price for a bamboo cup. Our manufacturer in China is very reputable & guarantee the fair, honest & respectful treatment of all their workers.

   Why is plastic so bad?

  • The use of plastic plays havoc in countless ways environmentally. It never breaks down & is not biodegradable. 
  • Over time it may only break down into smaller & smaller pieces. The toxic chemicals from plastics drain out and seep into groundwater, flowing downstream into lakes and rivers. These toxic chemicals that leach out of plastics can accumulate on other plastics.  
  • This is a serious concern with increasing amounts of plastic debris accumulating in the world's oceans. 
  • Wildlife become entangled in plastic, they eat it or mistake it for food and feed it to their young, and it is found littered in even extremely remote areas of the Earth. 
  • In our oceans alone, plastic debris outweighs zooplankton by a ratio of 36-to-1.
  • Toxic chemicals leach out of plastic and are found in the blood and tissue of nearly all of us. Exposure to them is linked to cancers, birth defects, impaired immunity, endocrine disruption and numerous other ailments.
  • Everything suffers with the use of plastic - tourism, recreation, business, the health of humans, animals, fish and birds—because of plastic pollution. The financial damage continuously being inflicted is inestimable.

       Why is silicone better than plastic

  • Silicone is arguably more environmentally friendly than plastic in kitchen applications, as plastic is not as hardy or long lasting as silicone.
  • It is more inert that plastic, which means it has a lower chance of leaching chemicals into food when used for food storage.
  • Silicone is durable, and more ocean-friendly than plastic. It lasts longer, and stands up better against heat and cold than plastics.
  • When burned, silicone reverts back into its harmless ingredients: amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water vapor (unlike plastic which releases toxins when burned).
  • It takes a few decades to break down.
  • Silicon never releases harmful toxins into your food.
  • Silicon is harmless and does not release any toxic chemicals into the environment.