Bamboo Reusable Biodegradable Cup 400ml

  • $19.95

Drink your coffee, tea, smoothie or any beverage you desire in this stylish, eco-friendly, reusable and 100% biodegradable bamboo cup. 

Designed in the pristine Margaret River region in W.A. this light weight & durable, earth friendly cup has a stopper on the lid so you can use the sipper for hot drinks or the straw hole for cool drinks such as smoothies or juices. 

The free love co wa bamboo cup can be used indefinately but when its life has come to an end you can put it in your compost or the bin and it will 100% biodegrade unlike plastic cups that never break down.  So your conscience will be clear knowing you are not adding to the toxic plastic consumption that is detrimental to the environment, waterways, human and animal life.  

Support small business and the earth at the same time... together we can all make a difference.